Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I know this post was meant to explain my indexing system, but my cards haven't been delivered so no indexing has occurred yet!

Instead I'm doing random searches and I found which appears to be AMAZING!! I've seen it before but assumed (like many things) it was american and of no use to me.

Today I decided to search random ancestors and found their baptism dates! I have looked at some parish records so I know they are correct, so then I decided to look for people that I need information on, and guess what I found? That information!

I'm stunned! Living near London, I'm four hours away from home and the record office I need to visit. While I'm sure I'll still go because looking at the old records is pretty cool, this saves me a lot of time and a lot of confusion, and will hopefully aid my research no end! I definitely recommend it!

I'm also trying to decide whether to buy/use some genealogy software? Preferably it would be free, but can anyone recommend some software I should try out?

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