Sunday, 2 June 2013

Back to work

It's been a quiet ten months on here but I am now ready to return. I have just finished the penultimate year of my degree, hence the lack of activity, but I now have a free four months with which I hope to make some more in roads.

Summer 2013 To-Do List:

  1. Upload all the info I have to WikiTree.
    I like the fact it is free but also easy to manipulate. I do not want to just upload a GEDCOM; I want to make sure it is done correctly which will take some time but I think it will be worth it. Also hopefully I will meet some other distant relatives.
  2. Put together a document with all the Elders research I have.
    My Grandad's brother is not very well, so I would like to put something together to take and show him.
  3. Cowton name study.
    I would still like to take a look at this, and recording all the names will be quite relaxing and require less thoughts than my research!
  4. Investigate the Whittaker side.
    It would interest my Gran so I'd like to take a look.
This year has been hard due to losing my Grandad last October. Whilst the loss of my first Grandad kick-started my family history research, the loss of my second has given me a drive to do more within my community and 'give back'. This summer is the last summer I will have before I graduate so I need to work out what I want to do with my life. Hopefully some of my ancestors can help point me in the right direction!

Monday, 27 August 2012

An idea

So I have an idea bubbling away in the back of my mind; conducting a one name study.

I would like to do it about Cowton. It's a surname that appears not too far back in my tree, but it's one that is manageable. The village of Cowton is 20 miles from where I grew up, so I know at least one branch of the family hasn't moved far.

I plan to begin by looking through the census' and BMD records before applying to become a fully fledged member of the guild. I return to university at the start of October so I won't have too much time, but I feel a ONS would be easier to do than a family tree (mostly because I desperately need to tidy up my citations in my own tree!).

Am I being realistic? Or taking on too much?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thankful Thursday: Grandparents

As I nineteen year old, I was very fortunate to still have all four of my Grandparents. I never really appreciated how lucky I was until I lost my Grandad in January 2010 to dementia. Losing him was what prompted me to begin my research; there was so much I didn't know about my own Grandad so I became curious as to what else I didn't know.

Two and a half years later I am grateful I chose to begin my research. My mum located a photo of her parents wedding day, and as the genealogist in the family she passed it on to me. Today is their 65th wedding anniversary, but instead of enjoying it together they'll be spending it apart. My other Grandad also has dementia, and so won't remember the importance of the day. But I do. And whilst I wasn't there, I do have a beautiful photograph to view and remind me of my Grandad.

Happy Anniversary Granny and Grandad.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Occupations Transcription

I've exhausted the census records for my paternal Granddad's ancestors so I have moved on to my paternal Grandmothers. So far they're all farmers! But I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what is said in the 1891 census:

From the bottom, I can read Scholar and Ag Assistant (?). The top one has me confused however. The first word seems to be Father (The owner of the occupation, Jeffrey Cowton, is 23 in 1891). The household does have three children; Mary E, Robert F and Ethel I Cowton, however I can't work out who their father is as Jeffrey has a number of siblings!

If anyone can make sense of the occupation I'd be very grateful!

Monday, 30 April 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Will of Mary Pickup (Walker) (1839-1916)

Mary is the wife of John whose will I extracted two weeks ago here. The two wills are extremely similar, but Mary has expanded in a couple of places.


This is the last Will and Testament of me Mary Pickup of Rose Cottage Sherburn in Elmet in the County of York, made this fifth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirteen. I hereby revoke all Wills made by me at any time hereto fore.
Written three years before her death.

I appoint Joseph Thomas Jackson and James Beckett Jackson of South Milford to be my Executors and direct that all my debts and funeral expenses shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease, to be paid out of the money standing to my credit in the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd.
Live her husband, all expenses are paid first. The executors are also the same two people, however whilst James is still a Postman, Joseph is now a newsagent.

I give and bequeath unto Harriet Elders and Edith Pickup my two daughters the money standing at my credit in the Leeds Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd to be equally divided between the said two daughters.
This is a follow on from John's will - his wishes.

The amount of money standing to my credit in the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd I give devise and bequeath the sum of £100 to my daughter Edith Pickup and the rest of the money in the said Bank to be equally divided amongst my seven children namely as follows; Francis James Pickup, Mary Jane Pargeter, Fred Walker Pickup, Sarah Ann Thornton, Harriet Elders, Kate Pickup and Edith Pickup.
John's will stated all the money should be divided between the seven children equally, but it the Leeds Industrial Cooperative Society money was only to be given to Edith if she remained at home with her parents. The extra £100 (and the 1911 census) suggests Edith remained living with her mother until her death, and the money was a hard earned reward. Mary also lists all her children by name which gives me Sarah's middle name (I only knew the A), as well as married names for Mary Jane and Sarah Ann. It's interesting that they ran out of middle names after the first four children!

The testimonial service of my late husbands to be divided as follows, namely my son Fred to have the tray, my daughter Edith the teapot and the other articles of the service the other children must divide them amongst themselves.
Identical to John's will (this time with the correct transcription of tray - thanks Lauren!)

The furniture to be sold and the proceeds divided equally amongst all my seven children above mentioned with the exception of my bed, bolster and pillows it is my wish they be given to my daughter Edith Pickup in addition to her share of the furniture.
With Mary still alive, John's will gave the furniture to her. It's interesting that Edith gets the bed - perhaps she was eyeing it up before her mothers' death!

Mary Pickup

Signed by the said testator Mary Pickup in the presence of us present at the same time who at her request in her presence and in presence of each other have both entered our own names as witnesses.
Joseph Thomas Jackson.
James Beckett Jackson

On the 4th day of November 1916 Probate of this Will was granted at Wakefield to Joseph Thomas Jackson and James Beckett Jackson the Executors.

The value of this will was £977, £965 after the debts were paid, over £900 more than the value of John's will. I'm intrigued where she got her extra money from - perhaps a windfall from someone else?