Monday, 5 March 2012

I'm still here!

The past few months have been a little hectic (and cold), which leaves little time for genealogy.

However 9 days ago I attended Who Do You Think You Are Live which has woken up the genealogy bug from its hibernation and thrown me back in to research.

Whilst I was there I bought Family Tree Maker 2012. Yes, that means yet another change in my research method, however I have already made a link I missed last time.

After using the Ancestry download method for a week, I have decided it's unreliable (the reason I held off with FTM 2012 for so long), so I am now in the process of updating the citations just how I like them. I hope to write some reviews of FTM 2012 in the coming weeks (once I've got my head around it!).

However the point of this post was to announce my return to genealogy and the world of blogging, but to finish I want to share an anecdote from my WDYTYA Live visit.

I arrived at Olympia just in time for opening, and it was my first time at the venue so I just assumed there was one show on taking over the whole venue. I took my place at the back of the line and had a look at the other people, only to find they were all women in their mid-twenties. I was gob smacked! But then I looked a little closer at the building and spotted my error. I was in the queue for the National Wedding Show!

I set up this blog to try and find fellow young genealogists, and whilst my visit to Olympia was interesting and gave me plenty of new ideas, it proved what I already knew; that I am at least 20 years younger than the other researchers. But that's OK. I like being different, and I know I'm not alone. Elyse Doerflinger has been a source of inspiration to me, and I hope to use that inspiration to discover more about who I am, and the people and circumstances that made me the person I am today.


  1. Hi Katelyn,
    I'm enjoying your Blog, especially about the
    ELDERS family of Yorkshire. As Host of the ELDER/ELDERS DNA project, I sent a poster for
    a free Y-DNA ELDER/ELDERS kit with volunteers to the ISOGG booth in "Who Do You Think You Are Live" 2012.
    ISOGG = Int'l Society of Genetic Genealogists,
    working with the FamilyTreeDNA booth. Nobody picked up a kit for me there, but I would be happy to send a free kit anytime to any male named
    ELDERS in your family.
    My notes for ELDERS genealogy in Texas, USA
    and Yorkshire, England posted online

    ELDER Genforum:
    by William ELDERS (WWE at
    September 18, 1999
    >My name is William Elders, and I live in Yorkshire England.
    > My grand father was born in Yorkshire a town called Pickering near the North Yorkshire Moors.
    >All the Elders originate from North Yorkshire. There is a man in Canada called Harry/Henry Elders who has lots of information regarding the Elders of this time
    Hope this helps. He is on the internet."

    and ELDER Genforum by David Lytle
    >..."Susanna was the daughter of William Elders of Yorkshire who was born in 1885. He was living with his daughter and my gg-grandfather in 1900 at Stevens Creek, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA. William had a sister, Ann (b.1831) and brother Joseph (b.1833). ...his parents were Joseph and Susanna Elders."

    Nancy's One-Name Study - ELDER/ELDERS (also Scotland)

    E-mail me anytime!
    Nancy Elder Petersen
    Vancouver, Washington State, USA
    Host, ELDER DNA project

  2. More about ELDERS Surname in Yorkshire - in "NORTH OF ENGLAND DNA STUDY"
    by Dr. Turi KING and others.
    Eligible names are listed, maybe Viking origins
    " In this project we want to learn about British history by studying the Y chromosomes of men with old local surnames, to provide us with a link to the DNA of people in the past. We are particularly interested in the history of the Vikings."
    "If you are a man carrying one of these surnames, your father's father was born in the north of England (Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham or Northumberland)..."
    ...."Participants will be provided with a summary of the results, designed for a layperson, at the end of the study in 2013. In addition we will provide a copy of each participant's Y chromosome genetic fingerprint and an explanation sheet designed for the layperson."

    Posting on a new Rootsweb page, Ancestry spelling of ELDERS in Yorkshire:

  3. I started to watch Who Do You Think You Are? and it definitely woke up my bug as well :) I'm just glad that school is done which means my summer is free for genealogy!

  4. New e-mail for Nancy Elder Petersen is
    Host, ELDER DNA project

    E-mail me anytime!