Friday, 8 July 2011


I got my first marriage certificate sent through the post yesterday, but it's thrown up a few questions.

My great-grandmother Teresa Wiseman has been a problem from the start. I've been told she worked in Edinburgh at one point, and possibly has Irish roots, but I had discovered a Teresa Wiseman in Middlesbrough with parents John and Catherine, however the marriage certificate for Teresa and my great-grandfather John Redvers lists her father as Dick Wiseman (deceased). I can't find a Richard Wiseman in the right area and the right age that has died, so I'm very confused!

John Redvers' father John is listed as a Commercial Traveller, and also deceased. I had his death as 1904, so that I agree with, but I believed his occupation to be a secretary to a company, as listed in the 1901 census.

To try and clarify both of these problems I have ordered the birth certificates for both people. This will give me their parents names and give me a better place to continue my research. I'd hate for all my research that I've done so far to have gone to waste!!

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