Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Trip to a cemetery

Last weekend me and the parents went up into the North York Moors, specifically Egton, to try and find physical proof of the Elders side of the family. I've found generations of the family in the village, and a trip to the cemetery enabled me to see the graves of other families from the village, but no members of the Elders clan.

I wonder if perhaps they were buried on their farm, but I doubt that was the case. More likely, they didn't have the money to pay for a gravestone, or like their descendants, were too cheap to pay for one!

Nevertheless, it was a disappointment to not find them, and leaves me at a loss as to where to go next with my research. I'm waiting for the arrival of my next two certificates, and then hopefully I can look into the Wiseman side of the family, as I believe the Elders side to be exhausted, at least for now anyways.

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